Who's deciding what's green?


Ecolabel Index is the largest global database of ecolabels, currently tracking 327 ecolabels in 114 countries, and 40 industry sectors.

Money is nothing more than an agreement

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if we have problems with the monetary system, and money is nothing more than an agreement, then all we need are new agreements.

Money's not going away, we will always need mediums of exchange. But if users and investors and borrowers of money create the agreements themselves we can do away with greedy middle-men...

Here's a quick intro to Capital Partnerships by Chris Cook.

dot eco


Check out dot eco, the project for the 'eco' domain name suffix. Their plan is to let ONLY truly 'eco' companies, products or people use the domain if they openly report against a set of strict criteria.

Think about it. Who gets a .eco? When can it be shut down? Where does the cash it generates go? Who sets the rules? These are the real and core questions behind dot eco.

Now, dot eco is more than an idea, it is a global debate about what it means to be green. 

The website is filled with opportunities to comment on dot eco. Explore, learn and above all, join the conversation. Now is the time to make dot eco work. Now is the time to stand up for standards, innovation, and getting green done.


The Journey

Check out The Journey - a mission to visit some of the cool, eco and inspiring projects which are creating the change we want to see in the world!

Robin Hood tax

Bill Nighy in a video backing a Robin Hood tax on banks to raise billions of pounds to fight poverty and climate change.

Find out more and vote for change on the Robin Hood Tax site.

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