Einstein taught us: The most important human endeavour is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life.

So why on Earth are OUR government, the servants of the people of the UK, considering dumping radioactive waste in landfills? Money, or rather to save money. That's why.
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority may claim that the "Low-level waste" they're talking about dumping is only "plastic and clothing as well as metal and building rubble..." which makes up approximately 90% of the total volume of the UK's radioactive waste but contains "less than 0.0003%" of the total radioactivity.

But it still isn't right. It may save the Government money, or us if you think about who actually foots the £73 billion bill of decommissioning old reactors, but do WE ALL really want to run the risk of polluting vast swathes of the UK with atomic poisons? The waste is the result of a legacy we were left by the people that came before us. What we do with it now will be the legacy we leave to future generations; our kids, people like us.

The proposal is an apt demonstration of the complete lack of morals which pervades our entire governing system. A sorry state of affairs indeed. Einstein must be practically spinning out of his proverbial grave! And all Jolly Green George can come up with is that he'd "choose nuclear power over coal, and nuclear dumping over climate breakdown"! Lord above! Does he or anyone else in Government not see that there truly is a way through with renewables? It wont be easy, it's going to require massive energy efficiency, but it's perfectly possible and above all it's the moral choice. The one that gives beauty and dignity to life!

But while the renewables industry is campaigning for a measly 10p OUR government will probably completely ignore them, dump the waste and nuclear power will have had another bail out at the expense of the people. Don't they realise that beauty and dignity are cool? Sign up to support solar, you never know, it might make a difference.

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