We need a new system

Defacto global power relationships

Each part of society wields a certain amount of power within our global system.
At the moment the majority of this power comes from Business.

In this diagram the extent to which any part of society has power over (or influences) any other is represented by the extent to which its colour approaches and encapsulates any other.

For example, in the current situation Individuals influence Business to some extent (by buying things) and the Government to some extent (by voting) but do not control them, Individuals only control the NGOs (represented by the green encapsulating the blue).

A preferred system would see Business’ huge power over Government and Individuals reduced so that: Firstly, Government has control over Business, then NGOs have control over Business and ultimately Individuals has control the entire system. Incidentally, the discrepancy illustrates that our current system is simply not a democracy.

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